Physical DescriptionEdit

Kelsier is a young man of 19. He stands at around 6 feet tall, somewhat slight of build; his green eyes are almost always filled with the telltale twinkle of mischief. He keeps his curly reddish-brown hair short, in contrast to the common style. He dresses in clothes that tend to catch the eye, though never overtly - just a subtle touch here and there, something to remember him by. When he practices violence, he wields a longspear, though he prefers words to weapons.

Kelsier has a silver tongue, which always gets him out of whatever trouble he can think up. He is a very skilled bargainer, and has become a constant fixture on Squire Mainor's trading trips: pairing his sharp wit with the Squire's discerning eye has borne fruit for the villagers. He is prone to recklessness, and quick both to make judgements and act on them.

Character HistoryEdit

Before Kelsier was born, his father was killed on a hunting trip; once she heard the news, his mother never was the same. It seemed that she had lost some of her wits along with her husband. She told stories of how Kelsier was a changeling (though the stories always proved false whenever anyone tested), and she would disappear for hours at a time, wandering the woods in search of her missing husband. When Kelsier was 2, she left and didn't return - her body was found a week later by the elves.

After the death of his mother, Kelsier was informally adopted by Coman and Frissa, as so many have been over the years, and moved into the Laughing Arms. He took care of the horses, though he would often sneak away to perform some mischief with whomever he could bring along (usually the young Noa Whiteflame). He never gets into as much trouble as he deserves because he talks his way out of anything and everything; sometimes an exasperated villager will call him a changeling, and everyone will laugh.

Game Rule InformationEdit

Kelsier: Male human warlock 2. HD 2d6+4, hp 16; Init +3; Speed 30 ft.
AC 16, touch 13, flatfooted 13; BAB +1.
Melee: longspear +2 (1d8+1 piercing, 20/x3 - reach).
Ranged: light x-bow +4 (1d8 piercing, 19-20/x2) or eldritch blast +4 (1d6, 20/x2).
AL CG; Saves: Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +3; STR 12, DEX 16, CON 14, INT 16, WIS 10, CHA 18.
Skills: Bluff +17, Concentration +7, Diplomacy +15, Intimidate +17, Knowledge (Arcana) +6, Sense Motive +2, Spellcraft +6, Use Magic Device +9.
Feats: Persuasive, Fey Heritage.
Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling.
Possessions: Studded leather, longspear, light x-bow.
Invocations known: Beguiling Influence (least), See the Unseen (least).

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