The Northman, referenced by Nora'luuu was a barbarian from the northern lands, apparently a necromancer. In life he stood six, if not a full seven feet in height, though is a head shorter then that in death. He was accompanied by an undead bear.

The Northman is perhaps responsible for the devestation that befell Nora'luuu's home village far to the north, above the snowline. He was tracked from bear den to bear den, until he was tracked to the Silverfish River near Springley Downs, where he would encounter his final opponents.

When initially encountered, the barbarian had four pieces of somewhat magical gear upon him:

  1. A Chitinous Chestplate
  2. Red Gauntlets
  3. A Belt
  4. A Circlet

None of which were on his person when he was killed. He fought several members of the Springley Downs population, and killed Romi with a touch. He was defeated by the remaining defenders of Springley Downs, and was beheaded post-mortum by Nora'luuu.