The map of Springley Downs.

The hamlet of Springley Downs

  • Population: 200 (4 non-humans)
  • Tavern/Inn: Laughing Arms
  • Temple: Pelor

Springley Downs is, as far as the inhabitants know, the northernmost village in Escanthia, lying as it does only approximately 100 miles south of the snow line. The village is nestled between the Silverfish River and Fayland Forest; a very small settlement of elves lives nearby (Fayland Water), which is friendly with Springley Downs. The villagers trade with the closest town of any size, Silverhaven, which is a ferry ride across the river and two days away by wagon. Since Springley Downs is surrounded by woods and water, there are no cash crops or pastures; food sources include fish, rabbit, venison, vegetables from small gardens, and whatever can be gleaned from the fertile arms of the forest: fruits and berries, nuts, and excellent mushrooms. Wood is in abundant supply, and there is something of a demand in Silverhaven for high-quality lumber and worked woodcrafts, which the townsfolk of Springley Downs happily supply in exchange for the various and sundry goods they require.

Notable NPCs Edit

  • Sir Aundors Whiteflame, Mayor (human knight 3), a kind-hearted man who is universally loved and respected. He left the town in his youth, returning many years later with a knighthood, several scars, and a young daughter, Noa. He was elected Mayor 13 years ago, and has led the town well.
  • Squire Mainor (human warrior 1), Sir Aundors's deputy. While the Squire might be gruff, and his wife Juna called a shrew behind her back, he is known to be a good man. Despite his lack of trading skills, Squire Mainor makes the monthly trading journey to Silverhaven, taking 3 youths with him each time to help.
  • Romi (half-elf ranger 2) and Aurua (half-elf druid 2), Greenswardens. This married couple is in charge of the village's grounds, trees, and gardens. Most dealings with the elves of Fayland Water go through them; Romi leads the hunting parties into the Forest every week. Both sit on the Council of Elders (Aurua is the only woman).
  • Brelden (human cleric of Pelor 2) is the spiritual leader of Springley Downs. He is mild, middle-aged, and unmarried. He sits on the Council of Elders.
  • Coman (human) runs the Laughing Arms Inn & Tavern with his wife Frissa. They have no children of their own, but have been parent-figures for many youths over the ages (boys would work in the stables, girls in the common room). Coman sits on the Council of Elders.
  • Big Tor (human) is Springley Downs' only blacksmith, if you don't count his sons Little Tor & Milt. Big Tor sits on the Council of Elders.
  • Welton (human) the Ferrymaster is a sour man, somewhat disliked around town, particularly by anyone under the age of 40. As the only means of access to the outside world, Welton sits on the Council of Elders.
  • Deepshadow (ranger 2) and Rainfall (cleric of Corellon 2) are the two elves of Fayland Water that deal most often with the villagers.